Rental Bookings


The chateau area has many uses. From accommodating individuals or small groups to catering to weddings, corporate events, training or cultural events and parties. There is also a kitchen and bar. 
Below, are the descriptions of the different bedrooms: 


Room No. 1 (1. floor)
 - a great late-Gothic vaulted room set up as a double room with a view of the park

Room No. 2 (1. floor)
- slightly smaller than No.1, also with a Gothic vault, two beds, overlooking the park

Room No. 3 (1. floor)
- a spacious late Gothic room with four beds and with views of the park south and west to the manor

Room No. 4 (1. floor)
- a late Renaissance room with two beds and a view of the west side of the manor

Room No. 5 (2. floor)
- with view of the park

Room No. 6 (2. floor)
- with view south to the park

Room No. 7 (2. floor)
- with view north to the courtyard

Room No. 8 (2. floor)
- corner room facing east and north into the castle courtyard

(room No. 7 and room No.8 can be combined with the two toilets and two bathrooms.)

*room from 800,- Czk
*breakfast on request
*extra bed 300,- Czk
*dog 100,- Czk
(for whole stay)